Confidentiality Policy and Procedure

Confidentiality Policy and Procedure

  • This policy is designed to ensure that all workers understand the concept and importance of confidentiality.
  • Ideas, concepts and suggestions can be transformed into major campaigns and income streams. Preservation and protection of the organisations proprietary interests in confidential business information and trade secrets are vital to protect the interest and growth of the organisation.
  • It is also essential that all aspects of client/ customer information are treated confidentially. Private information about individuals are collected in a number of different ways – by discussion, or on a number of forms, reports and records which are utilised throughout the organisation. Personal client/customer information is privileged and must be protected.
  • This policy will apply to all confidential information which is not in the public domain and which is reasonably regarded by the organisation as confidential to it which the worker becomes aware during his or her employment or engagement including, but not limited to:
  • The organisations financial affairs;

·               Trade secrets;

·               Confidential business (including financial) and technical information;

·               Business methods and management systems;

·               Detailed information and records relating to clients/ customers (including names, addresses, and telephone number), suppliers and workers and parties with whom the organisation deals commercially;

·               Any information which is confidential or commercially sensitive to any of the organisations clients/ customers;

·               Strategic information relating to marketing, advertising or any other aspect of business;

·               Computer software and data;

·               New product research and development strategies;

·               Any other information not generally known to the public.

  • This policy applies to all workers. For the purposes of this policy, “workers” shall include:
  • every employee;
  • contractors/sub-contractors and any of their employees whilst engaged on work for the Employer;
  • consultants or consultants’ employees whilst on the Employer’s work;
  • volunteers and unpaid workers; and
  • agents whilst acting on behalf of the Employer.

(a)       The policy is available on the intranet. All workers will be made aware of any amendments to the policy.

(b)       The policy will form part of the induction of new employees and will be provided to all other workers who perform work for the organisation.

  • Workers shall be aware of their obligations regarding confidentiality of information.
  • Workers shall hold all confidential information in confidence and shall not without written consent from the appropriate person within the organisation directly or indirectly, at any time during, or following the cessation of employment or engagement:
  • Use any confidential information;
  • Disclose any confidential information to any person, firm, company or entity;
  • Copy or otherwise reproduce, memorise or record any material (printed or electronic or otherwise) containing confidential information for personal use or for use by any other person, firm, company or entity;

Other than to the extent necessary to carry out duties and responsibilities of employment or engagement or as required by law.

  • On no account are clients/ customer affairs or personal information disclosed to workers be discussed or disclosed improperly or without authorisation to other persons whether such disclosure or discussion is within the organisation or outside.
  • Workers shall deliver up to the organisation immediately on demand, all copies of any confidential information in that their possession or control, in whatsoever form those copies may be.
  • Workers may be required to sign a Statutory Declaration declaring in terms satisfactory to this policy has been abided by in full.
  • A breach of the above obligations will entitle the organisation to:
  • To take disciplinary action against any employee up to and including summary dismissal in accordance with the Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.
  • To terminate the engagement of any other worker to cease to provide services to the organisation.
  • Apply for an injunction preventing any such breach, or further breach of the provisions of this confidentiality policy.
  • Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
  • This policy will be reviewed every three years. Special reviews will be undertaken where there are substantial changes in legislative provisions.